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Fine Fleur is a place of seduction, where you can surrender without inhibition. A place where all your senses are tantalised and memories are created. In order to offer you the very best, we strive for perfection, we literally give you a look into our kitchen and combine top products from Belgian soil with influences from all over the world. Fine Fleur is an ode to finesse. Expect an elegant style of cooking, attention to the smallest of details, and extraordinary taste sensations. But also an accessible and intimate fine dining setting in an extraordinary and historic location.

In other words, pure indulgence in all aspects!


Jacob Jan Boerma                   Thomas Diepersloot





Join us for a journey of tastes and experiences.

The ingredients at Fine Fleur are the fundament of

our kitchen. Followed by craftsmanship, creativity and perfection up to the smallest of details. In order to keep surprising you, our guests, we challenge ourselves to keep a close eye on the future.

By being innovative and always striving for renewal and improvement, we want to leave you with an unforgettable impression. One in which the complete experience is key.


Home-grown products and our surroundings play a prominent role in our cuisine. Nature is leading to bring out the flavours of the ingredients in their purest form for you. After all, a culinary creation fundamentally revolves around the very best products. We complement our cuisine with modern and classic cooking techniques and a preference for fresh elements, acidity and worldly spices, so that every bite evokes a new taste sensation with you.

An experience to remember

hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting

At Fine Fleur all your senses are enticed and the magic of gastronomy comes to life.

How, you wonder? By inviting you to take a look into our kitchen, letting the ingredients on the plate speak, and by offering you a balanced palette of scents and flavours.


With us, you taste the attention we pay to finess: in the preparation and quality finishing of our food dishes, in our personal and sincere service, and in the carefully composed wine-dine pairings. 


Belgian architect Dennis T'Jampens also designed the interior with dedication and respect for our historical surroundings. Classic and modern elements seamlessly intertwine and are interspersed with unique gimmicks. At Fine Fleur, you find yourself in a stylish and intimate setting, where you are indulged and can feel at home at the same time.



Would you like to experience Fine Fleur exclusively with your own guests? Then we offer the possibility of private dining, where you and your guests can make exclusive use of our restaurant. Fine dining on location is also an option. If you have any questions about this, we would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you personally. You can also view our packages for more information.

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